F.A.Qs – Freakin’ Abnormal Questions

  • Can I order by phone?

    Sure, we would be happy to take your order by phone. For the Stupkid contact information : +62813 1398 8930

    How do I know about upcoming events and sales?

    By joining our newsletter we will surely keeping you update with our new items, upcoming events and sales through your personal email.
    So you are a social media activist, keep in touch with us by liking our facebook page, following our twitter and instagram account to find out what’s going on. Stay tune!

    Do your products run true to size?

    Not all of our products are available with a complete sizing. Mostly, we provide S/M and M/L for the tops and S, M, L for the bottoms. Do not forget to check our size guide and make sure you purchase the right size for you.

    How to measure the clothing and shoe size using the size chart?

    We are using the universal sizing chart but for in case, do re-check our size guide page. After knowing what size that will be fit to your body, you can continue to browse our collection and choose your own size.

    What should I do if the product that I want is out of stock?

    Unfortunately, we are still not providing customizations but in case we are able to restock, according to the demand, or finding the item that you’re looking for, we will let you know. However, before that, drop some information about the item that you want in our contact page by filling the subject: WISHLIST

    Do you have gift cards?

    Currently, we still do not provide any form of gift cards.

    I want to send it as a gift. Do you offer any special wrap?

    Yes, we do. Just let us know that you need your items to be wrapped as a gift. You can also put some personalized messages, if you want to.

  • I found some problems with the website. What should i do?

    Our website works best with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, & Internet Explorer. Please make sure you are using the correct and up to date browser so as to enjoy a seamless shopping experience. If you continue having problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    If I still have a question that has not been stated in FAQ or the answers are not answering my question, any other option?


    Do not hesitate to contact us!
    Alternatively, you can drop us your order, some questions and concerns by contacting our customer service directly.

    Email : thestupkid@gmail.com or stupkid.official@gmail.com

    Text messages or Whatsapp : +6281313988930

    Facebook : www.facebook.com/stupkid

    Twitter : @thestupkid

    Instagram : @thestupkid

    Line : @thestupkid